Electronic Components

We are dependent on a plethora of electronic appliances in our day to day life. We cannot imagine how our life would be without an electronic appliance. Theses electronic appliances are made up of a plenty of electronic components. An electronic component is a distinct device or a physical entity which is used in an electronic system to effect electrons or associated fields. One such electronic component which is widely used in every field such as Automotives, Medical Electronics, Aerospace and Defence etc. is Field Programmable Gate Array, commonly called FPGA.

A Field Programmable Gate Area is a semiconductor device which can be programmed or configured by a designer or a customer after manufacturing, therefore it has been named “Field” programmable Gate Area. FPGAs process the logic by using dedicated hardware. FPGAs are widely used in plenty of fields such as computer hardware, bioinformatics, processing digital signals, medical imaging, cryptography, voice recognition, data centers and many more.

Manufacturing of FPGAs and microprocessors (http://www.directics.com/microprocessor/) is a very sophisticated process and only a handful of companies are involved in its manufacturing. It is evident from the fact that top two manufacturers Xilinix and Altera (now Intel) control 89% of the market. All the major manufacturers of FPGAs are listed below.

1. Xilinx- It is an American based company Headquartered at San Jose, USA. It manufactures programmable logical device and is credited for inventing FPGA and maintained its top spot for well over a decade now. It controls almost 53% of the market with a 6% annual growth rate in CY 2015-16

2. Altera(Intel) –This company is base out of San Jose, California and manufactures programmable logical devices .This company was acquired by Intel in December 2015.It controls almost 36% of the market with 7% annual growth rate in CY 2015-16

3. Micro semi – Microsemi Corporation is a company headquartered in Alieso Viejo, California and it is one of the major manufacturers of semiconductor devices. It also provides system solutions for aerospace, defense, communications, data center and industrial markets.

It controls 7% of the market with an annual growth of -1 % in CY 2015-16.

4. Lattice- Lattice Semiconductor Corporation is also an American Company having its headquarters in Oregon, United States .It manufactures high-performance programmable logic devices. The company is traded on NASDAQ stock exchange and it currently controls 3% of the FPGA market. The company is growing at a rapid rate and has the highest growth rate among its competitors i.e. 16 % of annual growth for CY 2015-2016.

5. Quicklogic – This Company is also based out of USA and has been manufacturing low power FPGAs since 1991. Quicklogic has been focussing mostly on mobile phone industry and promoting ultra-low power customer programmable semiconductor solutions and embedded software. Although, it used to command a share of 1% but over the years its market share has considerably eroded and company is the worst performer of the lot in terms of annual growth rate which is -40%.

There are couple of more companies like Amtel and Achronix manufacturing FPGAs but their market share is infinitesimally small and they are nowhere near to the market leaders