Importance of doing SEO Safely

There may be opposing views as to whether or not a business should invest in Search Engine Optimization for traffic, subscribers, improving rankings on Search engine listings and wider outreach. No matter how much an e-commerce venture, drop shipping companies criticize these practice, in the end, they need it the most and willingly pay a fortune to avail such services. The SEO Best practices include usage of unique Brand names, Primary and secondary keywords, meta-descriptions, header tags, backlinking, high-quality content and Keyword Phrases. A skillful utilization of these SEO best practices would result in increased traffic and higher rankings on search engines for the business. With algorithm updates, Search Engines ensure the best search experience for users, thus ranking websites based on their relevancy to the search keywords. However, this is not where it all ends. One needs to use all secure and relevant sources, website and information to undertake successful SEO. Here’s why it is important to do SEO safely.

1. Use Original Links

Some businesses often buy links to turn around their progress in a search engine, thus manipulating the ranks on an engine. This is an unethical practice for Search Engine Optimization and could lead to your account getting locked out of the search engine, depriving you of your progress and reach. The links are often channeled from unknown sources which pose a potential threat to your personal data and website. These smuggled, duplicate or malicious links could be a carrier of viruses and harm your system irreparably. So, it is strongly recommended to use original links. Though the search engines might not state their bug-fixing updates, they could be monitoring your website to prevent manipulation. One such incident of bought links was witnessed when Interflora, a U.K. based flower delivery company bought links to take their rank up a notch when Valentine’s Day was around the corner. The site was taken down for a substantial time and was heavily penalized, thus affecting their projected sales during the occasion.

2. Relevant Advertisements

Businesses earn money by selling ad-spaces on their blogs and websites. They also widen their reach by advertising on other websites. Often, this feature is also abused to manipulate rankings on search engines. It is better to be safe than sorry and conduct safe SEO practices. Businesses post ads recklessly and aggressively which sparked a lot of controversies. Once caught misusing these features, the websites are locked out and never enjoy the same rank upon revival. Not only does this harm potential sales but also tarnishes the image of the company. Hefty penalties are levied from businesses that undertake such unscrupulous and exploitative activities. Companies like Overstock and JCPenney suffered a major setback because of unfair practices.

3. Original and High-Quality Content

Plagiarizing or copying someone else’s well-researched content could land you in deep trouble. Also, if a competitor copies your content, it would be an even bigger issue because until discovering and detecting its plagiarized material, the other site would have taken away the fair share of your website’s traffic. Such malpractices are highly controversial and could trigger long and cumbersome legal battles. Websites have to issue take-down notices, and some websites are penalized for obvious reasons.

4. Avoid miraculous techniques

Some freelancers and employees claim to get your site ranked up on Search Engines almost instantly and magically. Do not fall for such techniques as these are probably unethical and could cause severe damage to your organization. Use SEO best practices, experienced professional’s guidance and prominent, legal techniques to gain the rightful share of traffic, reach and ranking to optimize safely.

Following the above tips could be time-consuming but in the long run, these tips will save you from negotiating in the courts, issuing public apologies, taking down content or website and paying a massive amount to get rid of the issues.