Lost your social security card?

In some unavoidable circumstances, your social security card might end up lost. However with the risks that do arise with the loss of the card, it is very crucial to have a replacement of the card as soon as possible. It is also important to know that the replacement of of the card is only limited to 10 times in a lifetime thus social security cards should be handled with utmost great care.

Risks of losing a social security number

Very important information is held in the card which includes: Date of birth, address and employment background just to mention a few. This means that in case your card lands in the hands of an exploitative individual, your identity can be greatly compromised. This because with the personal information as mentioned above, they might apply for credit thus creating accrued debts which might take you years to settle.

Another exceptional risk that arises with loss of your card, is that another individual might use it to apply for a couple of forms of identification for instance passports and driver’s license with the extremely personal information that the card holds. Losing your card therefore has great consequences, so approach https://lostsscard.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-a-replacement-social-security-card/ the moment you lose your card.

Procedure of replacing a lost social security card.

In case you lose or misplace your card, you can avoid visits and long lines present in the social security offices and apply for another one in the comfort of your home by visiting E-forms US which is used for electronic form filling assistance. It mainly entails a 3-step procedure which is very simple to go through. Below is a breakdown of the processes required:

1. Fill an application form depending on your situation in order to avoid any mistake which would result to a delay or cancelling of your request.

2. You will receive a mail-ready package through an email and you should in turn send your documents to a local social security assistance office using the provided USPS label which is prepaid.

3. Finally you will receive another social security card at the doorstep of your home within the same time limit as a person who applied in the SSA office.

Alternatively if you come across a challenge in applying for the card online, you can avail your original documents to a SSA office. It is important to note that you should present either original documents or copies issued and certified by the agency and not photocopies of the documents. Below is a list of documents required:

You require either a birth certificate or a US passport to prove of your US citizenship. In cases where a birth certificate is not available, you can either present a religious record specifically made before the age of 5 showing your birth date or hospital record of your birth.

Also in cases where identity documents are not available, one can also submit other documents holding your identity information which include: a school, US military or employee identification card.

With the above information, the process of replacing your security card should be made very easy.