SEO – Why You’ll Fail

Search engine optimization is like a curing medicine for a website owner. From content relevancy to the keyword usage and all other important factors if used efficiently and wisely, explores better results for your site in search indexing.

Reasons why most people fail with SEO, by Rankfore SEO:


Keywords are the most important factors of SEO; Internet runs on keywords only.Web sites which are shown up in search engine result only come because of the relevance keyword quarries. The keyword is a word or series of words that a user enters into a search engine. When keyword stuffing did for overfilling your content with targeted keywords, by way of targeting keyword phrases” navigation,” the keyword stuffing your content might read like this “finding a navigation system something like that most regular customers use the old navigation, and it often fails to function properly .”And so on. It reads like Shakespeare poetry, and search engine spider picks up on the unnatural links and same phrases which repeat over and over.While SEO expert has different thoughts about keywords, they know a safe, effective range.

Check on Duplicate Content

There’s a lot of buzz going for duplicate content on the internet. It’s quite simply the same content appearing more than one page on the web. This mistake can spoil all the hard work you did on optimizing the site. The search engines have the tool devalue pages that they see as any duplicate content since the implication is simple spamming by putting electronic content out on the web. Duplicate content not actively penalized, but merely disregarded sometimes by the search engines, so try to write new content. The website you are working if it is duplicate or low-quality content, Google, as well as the users, would abandon the site.

Flash website content

Using Flash in navigation sometimes looks good for the business, but links can’t be seen by the search engines as it becomes difficult for Flash to follow. Sites based on only flash contents takes a lot of time in showing good results in search indexing. So try avoiding Flash content, and if you can’t avoid, then please go with an HTML version of that flash content for better efficiency.

Image content

It ‘s hard for the spider to crawl to read content placed in images and flash. Don’t embed relevant content like keywords in both Flash and images.

AJAX Feature

Ajax content loaded dynamically; it is not the spider or indexable by search engines. However, if you want to use AJAX, then try to keep navigations and main content out of AJAX feature so that they can be indexed properly

Low-value back links

Link building is an important part of internet marketing, and you won’t want to put quantity ahead of quality. Low-value back links — including those from spam websites, remote sites could do damage to your site’s SEO, especially when Penguin update. Focus on pursuing links from authority sites rather than take the easy way out by acquiring low-value links.

Relying on Meta tags

Meta tags can’t help you get higher rankings in search results alone as being accepted properly that Meta tag description of your content and keywords is necessary. When companies fail to fill the meta-descriptions, then they just have to develop a lot of content.